Science of craft
Principles and Practices

The three design philosophies we always incorporate into our technology are KISS (keep it simple, stupid), RERO (release early, release often) and Secure by Design. We embrace minimalism and create our software to be small, fast and secure. This makes it possible for us to deliver and change extremely fast, reducing costs and increasing overall business value to our customers.

Making small and flexible software is not an easy task, thus most modern software today relies heavily on alarming amounts of large scale frameworks and platforms for its operation. We have stepped away from this and aim to have minimum amount of external dependencies and use pure core technologies whenever reasonable.

Security By Design

Our software is designed from the ground up to be secure. By implementing our three design philosophies we have less code, less dependencies, and thus less attack surface. But this is only one of the approaches how we include security to our products.

We also embed simple yet efficient intrusion detection, honeypots and other solutions into our systems to ensure that we know exactly what needs protecting and from who. Knowledge combined with defensive measures ensure safety, novelty, and excellence.