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KATE is a perfect tool in situations where multiple parties need to exchange information and share common resources. KATE enables your company to increase the effectiveness and speed of routine procedures by establishing the basis of digitized workflows.



Event management

helps event organizers to prepare, execute, and summarize any event with minimum experience in event management


Gift management

provides clear understanding of stock and helps to oversee orders


Resource management

gives overview of any kind of material or human resources available to the organizer


Event budgeting

makes allocating finances, calculating costs of services, and accountability easy and effective


Communication & collaboration

online platform to exchange information and responsibility between different entities


Strategic overview

enables executive oversight to plan present and future activities


Although KATE is an end product, it is also flexible to changes. Our work starts with mapping customer´s business processes to analyze and understand their business needs. Only then can KATE be configurated to fit set expectations. Therefore, we always reserve some time for extra development to get things right just for our customers.

Older version of KATE was successfully used for the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Needless to say, KATE can be configurated for multiple other scenarios where resource management software is needed.


KATE is usable in all web browsers and on touch screens (IOS and Android). Importantly, KATE can be used without downloading a separate application.


KATE can be configured to offer many different functions. KATE also has the ability to export selected data to excel, html, xml, json, etc, which means it can be used complimentary with external information system.


KATE is built according to KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid), thus it has less layers within the system making it smaller, faster, and also more secure.

But there's a whole lot more, contact us for additional information