Hedy features
HEDY helps event organizers to manage people, such as guests, participants and other types of invitees. HEDY can send out customized invitations, store registrations, deliver tickets, badges or other reminders to invitees, and finally manange check-in on the day of the event via dedicated application.



Invitation management

enables event organizers to create and send out invitations with recipient monitoring

Registration management

helps event organizers to easily collect data regarding attendance and facilitates data processing in different formats (excel exports)

Badge management

provides event organizers with tooling to create badges, tickets, or other attendance evidences

Zone management

gives an opportunity to generate separate access areas to plan workshops based on previous registration or the level of participants

Validation management

makes it easy to perform validation and/or security checks on registrations and give accreditation to intended participants

Check-in oversight

offers easily traceable online data regarding actual participation for statistical or practical needs



How to use Hedy?

Event organizers can:


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