To provide tools for event organizers that save time, resources and reduce misunderstandings.

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We produce straightforward and powerful software that generates measurable business value. It is important to us that our software is in line with our customer's internal business processes to boost results and not to tamper normal business flow. Meet our front products Hedy and Kate.

HEDY helps event organizers to manage people, such as guests, participants and other types of invitees. HEDY can send out customized invitations, store registrations, deliver tickets, badges or other reminders to invitees, and finally manange check-in on the day of the event via dedicated application.

KATE is a perfect tool in situations where event organizing teams need to exchange information and share common resources. KATE enables to increase the effectiveness and speed of routine procedures by establishing the basis for digitized workflows. KATE has proven to be more powerful than simple Excel sheets or emails.


Our front products Hedy and Kate have both been tested in complex scenarios. Here are only some examples of the events, where Hedy and Kate have proven superb tooling.

Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU

The visit of Pope Francis to Estonia


Kaisa makes sure that the business needs of our customers are taken into account during software configuration.


Urmas leads the technological side of the company and ensures that our software always provides needed solutions.